DraftCraft is an international media-legal think-tank focussing on Law and Policy, International Relations, Intelligence, Indigenous Rights and Culture. It has been founded by Gajanan Khergamker - an independent editor, solicitor and film-maker with over thirty years of experience. It is headquartered in SoBo in Colaba, Mumbai. Through a network of initiatives, campaigns and programmes, DraftCraft generates intelligence and examines media and law extensively. To analyse legal processes and initiate structures to uphold the spirit of the law and the intention of the legislature, DraftCraft documents fact; conducts research, enhances legal processes and educates masses and the authorities through talks, shows, workshops, lectures and seminars.

Over the last decade and half, the think-tank has initiated several campaigns in public interest and concluded them successfully. A brief description of the think-tank's initiatives and campaigns is given below. DraftCraft India has activities and projects all over India.

Key Initiatives
Consumer and the Law: Empowering and educating consumers of their legal rights
Health and the Law: Ensuring accountability in the health sector
Society Matters: Providing legal assistance to housing societies and members
Land Laws: Providing legal assistance to people affected by property related issues
The Woman Survivor: Assisting and empowering women affected by abuse, legally and socially

Unique Ventures
Being The Change: A public-spirited movement to initiate change through key campaigns, unique ventures and strategic networks
India Positive: A DraftCraft venture to bring out positive stories of hope, success and pride in India
Sun Suna: A DraftCraft solution for the homeless young (Tell-A-Tale) and the elderly (Hear-A-Tale)
The Write Change: A DraftCraft solution to use the power of words to bring about change
Walk to Dandi: A DraftCraft initiative to document modern India's strides towards 'freedom'

Strategic Networks
Media NetworkFor students and media experts to quash populist trends and help create 'unbiased and independent' news
Law Network: For students and practitioners to bridge the gap between letter and spirit of the law through research and action
Social Work Network: To provide myriad opportunities to students to interact, on the field, with the ''real" stake-holders
Travel Network: To discover hidden destinations across India and chalk out new journeys to places invisible on popular maps

For more information on any campaign(s), initiative(s) or network(s) or to join one, send in an email to contact@draftcraft.in.