DraftCraft's projects, initiated in 2001, across India and abroad require professionals from diverse backgrounds with highly-specialised skill sets and strategic experience. With DraftCraft you can travel extensively; get hands-on grassroots experience in rural and urban settings; interact with tribal and indigenous groups around the world; work with the State; and develop unique journalistic, legal and leadership skills while working with passionate professionals constantly innovating as they seek workable solutions. DraftCraft is a media-legal think-tank and not an NGO. Majority of its projects and activities are pro-bono to ensure social justice to the affected groups and/or public at large.

DraftCraft is committed to a range of global issues as laid down by the United Nations Conventions; National campaigns spearheaded by the Indian government and her ministries; State governments and City-Centric programmes that further Social Justice through Law and Media.

At DraftCraft, diverse forms of mutually-productive associations are encouraged. So, you could be a law or media student volunteering for a public-interest campaign; a law student interning as a legal researcher for a white paper; an international student interested in understanding socio-cultural dynamics of a community in India; a fellow researching for a project; or a practising lawyer or a journalist interning with DraftCraft for experience and expertise in a specific area of law or media.

Most of DraftCraft's Internship and Volunteering Programmes are chargeable for both Indian and International students and practitioners. However, for certain live projects and campaigns, DraftCraft throws open limited free internship and volunteering opportunities for students of law, media and social work. These students are hand-picked based on their specific educational qualifications and proven capabilities.

If you are a professional keen to offer your skills and time, join DraftCraft Connect - a self-financed volunteer programme. Initiated by DraftCraft founder Gajanan Khergamker and primarily funded by DraftCraft, DraftCraft Connect aims to pool together the collective resources of professionals and entrepreneurs from across industries and disciplines.

Following is a listing of current positions and requirements at DraftCraft. Keep visiting this page for updated information on the vacancies / internships available. To apply for volunteering, vacancy, traineeship, or internship send in your detailed resume to with the relevant position mentioned in the subject line.

1) DraftCraft Publications is coming out with a series of publications on Consumer Rights and Medico-Legal Issues to empower consumers and patients. Students of law, journalism, social work and allied fields; volunteers from all walks of life; retired public servants and activists could join the Project. DraftCraft Publications announces an Internship Program for the same in every first and third quarter of the year. Write to us at with complete details.

2) DraftCraft Productions is looking for interns to assist in the documentation of a Mumbai-based public initiative campaign. The documentation will be done by way of articles, commentaries, short films and documentaries. Interested students of media may apply by sending in their details at with complete details, experience and area of interest.

# INTERNSHIP: Law Intern (Practising Lawyers)
Specialisation: Civil/Criminal/Constitution/Environment/IPR/Diplomacy
Location: Mumbai / Ahmedabad / New Delhi OR Online
* This is a charged internship programme. Contact for details.

# INTERNSHIP: Media Intern (Working Journalists)
Specialisation: Gender/Law/Politics/Foreign/Crime/Lifestyle
Location: Mumbai / Goa / New Delhi OR Online
* This is a charged internship programme. Contact for details.

Locations: Mumbai

INTERNSHIP: PR and Fundraising
Locations: Mumbai

Indigenous Rights Researcher
Locations: Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Jarawa), Ahmedabad (Bawre), Mumbai (Waghri), Goa (Pardhi)
Salary: As per industry standards commensurate with experience

# These are chargeable internships where the applicant needs to qualify. The applicant must be a professional and will be hand-picked after two rounds of interviews and a qualifying test.

Editorial Assistant
Locations: Ahmedabad / Goa / Mumbai
Salary: As per industry standards commensurate with experience

Locations: Mumbai
Salary: As per industry standards commensurate with experience

Features Writer
Locations: Mumbai
Salary: As per industry standards commensurate with experience

News Photographer
Locations: Mumbai
Salary: As per industry standards commensurate with experience