CERTIFICATE COURSES (Law, Media and Social Work)

DraftCraft offers a wide range of short-term and long-term certificate courses for students and practitioners of Law, Media and Social Work. These courses are conducted online and/or at The Mumbai Studio in Colaba and other partner locations. The courses offer an in-depth industry knowledge and application and relevance in practice. The courses are carefully curated with integrated modules for theoretical knowledge, industry experience and practical aspects by way of field trips and assignments. DraftCraft Certificate Courses are highly interactive providing ample opportunities to students for interaction and communication.

Students and Professionals interested in DraftCraft Certificate Courses may send an email to for details on upcoming Courses, Availability, Dates, Fees, etc. DraftCraft interns and volunteers can avail the courses offered at discounted rates.

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Through niche, tailor-made workshops and key lectures held at corporate venues and in educational institutions; law, mass media colleges, tourism institutes, civil service training institutes, business colleges and universities across India and abroad, Gajanan Khergamker analyses and initiates 'live' processes that help deliver social justice and reach strategic research-based intelligence and analysis via media and by legal channels. He trains students, journalists, lawyers, industrialists, businessmen, social groups, corporate personnel and members of civil society to ideate, integrate and initiate key processes through 'live' workshops held at Ground Zero and relayed through a series of 'E-Walkthroughs'.

For Corporates, the sessions are aimed to train personnel in a set of media-legal skills that empower them to initiate a social change 'by themselves'. The workshops successfully address specific needs of marginalised groups and affected parties. The workshops will train personnel, through interactive talks, debates, film-screenings and live takes from affected groups, to help spread the message of volunteering and reach of social justice even within restricted limits. The workshops can be a part of a corporate's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative - now made mandatory by the CSR Rules 2014.

Gajanan Khergamker talks on topical issues as he travels across India besides lecturing on bias, business of ethics, moral ground, conflict, social justice, public vs private rights and law and policy internationally. Equipped with more than three decades of varied experience in the media and legal processes, he undertakes specially-designed modules to educate personnel, professionals and students with highly interactive audio-visual processes. Educational Institutes and Social Clubs could discuss possibilities of having him visit their club/institution as a guest lecturer, a resource person or even conduct a special module for students/faculty/staff.

You could contact his office to commission a lecture, a seminar, a workshop in your city and/or discuss the potential of having him visit your institution/office as a guest lecturer, a resource person or even conduct strategic modules on a regular basis. Kindly contact the office to avail details on dates of availability and charges applicable and/or to discuss possibilities of partnering with DraftCraft.

Students and Professionals may also join a DraftCraft Network of their professional or personal interest. The networks are an international community of volunteers driven by a single, altruistic goal ... Being The Change!

- Media Network: For students and media experts to quash populist trends and help create 'unbiased and independent' news
- Law Network: For students and practitioners to bridge the gap between letter and spirit of the law through research and action
- Social Work Network: To provide myriad opportunities to students to interact, on the field, with the ''real" stake-holders

For more information on Topics and Schedule of Certificate CoursesWorkshops OR to Sign Up for regular updates and information OR to join a DraftCraft Network, send an email to or call at 8080441593