Legal Talks

As part of the 'Of Cause' initiative, DraftCraft hosts LAW-fLAW Legal Talks for the affected, inclined, interested even the uninitiated. The idea is to open dialogue for awareness on contemporary issues, discuss the laws involved, analyse solutions and cases in point. During the discussion on the issue in question, participants may provide their inputs and pose concerns while DraftCraft Founder and Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker will provide an expert legal overview on the subject. Personal queries, however, will not be addressed during the Legal Talks which should not be construed as source for Legal Consultation that will have to be sought separately.

Industry Players; Law and Media ProfessionalsCivil SocietyActivists; Students of Journalism, Law, Business, Film-making, Social Work and Socially Active and Vigilant Citizens are welcome to be a part of DraftCraft events. Each event or event series is documented, reports generated, even published across DraftCraft's portals. White papers on key issues are generated for pertinent legislative authority.

- Legal Talks are Chargeable, starting from Rs. 500/- per session.
- Payments need to be made in Advance by Cash, Paytm or Fund Transfer.
- No refund on Cancellation. Change of Date can be requested.
- DraftCraft reserves the Right to Admission.
- Limited seats for Adults. Children not permitted.
- To Register, Call or WhatsApp on 8080441593.
- Venue: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio in Colaba, Mumbai (See Map)
- For details on other events and latest schedule, visit

* If you have a group of 4-5 or more people interested in a particular subject/issue, you could commission a separate session for the same. This could be held on any other mutually convenient day or venue.

A topic under each category is discussed for a period of one month on pre-scheduled days. For specific groups, the talks can be organised on other days. The sessions held at DraftCraft Studio are personalised for small, niche groups to ensure involvement and attention.

The following current topics will be discussed from 15 May - 30 June 2018.
1) When Can The Police Act? (Every Thursday, 6 pm - 7 pm)
2) How Law Affects You As A Patient (Every Saturday, 6 pm - 7 pm)
3) Transfers And Nominations (Every Sunday, 6 pm - 7 pm)

The three broad categories of DraftCraft's Legal Talks and list of topics that will be discussed in subsequent talks are mentioned below: 
1) Police, BMC and Fire Brigade
The Police - Day to day law and order issues are tackled by the police through penal action even prohibitive action. Very often, these actions affect you directly or indirectly. For instance, a Police Inquiry or the Registration of an FIR or an arrest on grounds of a Cognizable Offence to an inquiry of a Non-Cognizable Offence, the talks will brief you on the position in law.

The BMC - For offences that are civic in nature and not penal, there's the Municipal Corporation and an Act to detail offence, penalties and procedures for the same. The talks will include details on offences such as Nuisance, Encroachments, Hawkers, Parking, Illegal Constructions, Fire Threats, Food and Beverage Issues, Safety Standards and more.

Fire Brigade - Of late, the spate of fires in Mumbai have brought back in focus the role of the Fire Brigade and the inept tackling of provisions of the law. The laxity of the fire authorities combined with the apathy of commercial enterprises focusing solely on profit while giving human safety the go-by, has led to a virtual mess in the city. The Talks will cover issues of Fire Safety, Norms, Permissions, NOCs and more.

2) Health and Consumer Laws
Medico-Legal Issues - With doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and chemists all coming under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act, patients and their relatives have never had it as good. Issues of Consent, Police Act, Legal Liability, Vicarious Liability, Compensation and Redressal as well as Settlements will be tackled here.

Goods and Services - Each time you buy a SIM Card or avail a service like say internet or that of a bank, you have the rights of a consumer whose services are assured by the Consumer Protection Act. In case of any 'deficiency' in goods or service, you have the right to approach a Consumer Forum and seek redress for the same.

3) Society and Property Laws
Cooperative Housing Societies - Living in a Cooperative Housing Society entails tackling a host of laws - unique to societies and covered by state's Cooperative Societies Act / Rules and Bye-Laws. Each talk could detail a niche area of concern to cooperative housing society members. Topics will include Parking, Non-Occupancy Charges, Transfer Fees, Nominee, Associate Members, Membership, Nuisance, Conveyance and other key issues.

Housing Laws - With regard to housing issues, the advent of RERA - Real Estate Regulatory Authority - brings in a host of changes in existing situations. Right from tackling a Real Estate Agent to creating a Leave and Licence Agreement tackling Registration Issues and ascertaining the Credentials of a Developer and checking the Claims of a Builder and the Laws related to Redevelopment, there are a host of issues that will be tackled here.