At DraftCraft we organise PhotoWalks at venues that are rich in heritage; are in the news; have social relevance or are, simply speaking, historic in value. So, it could be a PhotoWalk at Mumbai's primed 'The Gateway of India' zone wherein we take a niche group of at least two persons to a maximum of ten persons for a walk along the zone, an informed talk of the 'spots' of tourist interest like Charles Sobhraj's regular adda, the terror titbits, Gateway's place in India's freedom struggle, its role in Bollywood (eg: Amitabh Bachchan's very famous 'e hai bambai nagariya' number) with a screening, an opportunity to take photo-ops of the famous landmarks (eg: holding the 'choti' (tip) of Taj) and a memento to boot.

DraftCraft organises PhotoWalks across Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat presently in its first phase and its UrbanWalks include zones such as The Gateway of India, The Terror Trail, Shantaram Trail, The Sobhraj Story, Journey from VT to CST, The World's Only National Park IN a City, Commuting In Mumbai, Along The Wall/Do The Drive (Marine Drive) and Heritage Halts wherein we look at the city's rich and varied heritage - The Crowds - Mohammad Ali Road, Bhindi Bazaar, Nagpada; The Markets - Chor Bazaar, Bhuleshwar, Lohar Chawl - in Mumbai. In Gujarat and Goa, the PhotoWalks are localised and are of social relevance besides being historic in nature. The PhotoWalks are peppered with interactive sessions; cycle rides; selfie-ops; film screenings and talks.

* Contact us for details on a PhotoWalk in your city or at our other locations.
* Volunteer to work with us on a PhotoWalk in your city or elsewhere. DraftCraft's PhotoWalks are organised by DraftCraft and undertaken with the help of city volunteers and students.
* Commission a PhotoWalk for yourself, with friends, and/or family.
* Commission a PhotoWalk for your institute's students in batches to ensure effective communication and reach.

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