DraftCraft provides a wide range of media-legal services to Individuals, Institutions, Corporates, Civil Society and the Government. These include:

- Media: Initialise a media campaign, Generate content - articles, columns, white papers, reports, research papers, short films, documentaries
- Educational: Conduct Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Sessions on aspects of consumer protection of consumers and providers of goods and services
- Legal: Provide Consultation, Intervention for Consumer Court, Drafting of legal notice, Conciliation and Settlement services on legal grounds, Conducting audits to ensure compliance, Advocacy, Investigation
- Advisory: Generate Advisories, Drafting RTI applications, Collating and Analysing Precedents, Generating Informed Opinions

To contact DraftCraft for any of the services listed above, send an email to or click here. Please note all services provided by DraftCraft are chargeable.