Talks Of Cause

As part of the 'Of Cause' initiative, DraftCraft hosts Talks Of Cause - Talks, Round-tables and Public Lectures - for the affected, inclined, interested even the uninitiated. The idea is to open dialogue for awareness on contemporary issues, discuss the laws involved, analyse solutions and cases in point. During the discussion participants may provide their inputs and pose concerns while DraftCraft will provide a generic legal overview on the subject, where required.

Industry Players; Law and Media Professionals; Civil Society; Activists; Students of Journalism, Law, Business, Film-making, Social Work and Socially Active and Vigilant Citizens are welcome to be a part of DraftCraft events. Each event or event series is documented, reports generated, even published across DraftCraft's portals. White papers on key issues are generated for pertinent legislative authority.

- Legal Talks are Chargeable, starting from Rs. 250/- per session.
- Payments need to be made in Advance by Cash, Paytm or Fund Transfer.
- No refund on Cancellation. Change of Date can be requested.
- DraftCraft reserves the Right to Admission.
- Limited seats for Adults. Children not permitted.
- To Register, Call or WhatsApp on 8080441593.
Venue: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio in Colaba, Mumbai (See Map)
- For details on other events and latest schedule, visit

* If you have a group of 4-5 or more people interested in a particular subject/issue, you could commission a separate session for the same. This could be held on any other mutually convenient day or venue.

A topic under each category is discussed for a period of one month on pre-scheduled days. For specific groups, the talks can be organised on other days. The sessions held at DraftCraft Studio are personalised for small, niche groups to ensure involvement and attention.

The following current topics will be discussed from 15 May - 30 June 2018.

ALTERNATIVE: Should Section 377 Go?
Tuesdays 6 pm - 7 pm
This one deals with the scare that the Indian Penal Code's Section 377 has been kicking up over the last few years. The LGBT community has, in particular, been vehement that the 'anti-LGBT' Section be removed. Positions in law, popular fears and media coverage will be discussed.

WORLD: How Hate Drives Nations
Tuesdays 7 pm - 8 pm
Most foreign policies are driven by hate and aimed to pander populist sentiments of local or nationalist populations. USA's policies, particularly on their Work Visa issues are nationalistic in nature and aimed to promote local employment. So is India's. This talk will be a general discussion on Hate and nations' policies that are affected by the sentiment.

WOMEN and CHILDREN: Understanding Stalking
Wednesdays 6 pm - 7 pm
The definition of 'Stalking' understood in its full sense. The concept, the multiplicity of form and the intentions analysed in a talk complete with live cases: Varnika Kundu case | NH-10 analysed - Part Screening followed by discussion.

ANIMALS and RIGHTS: Emergence Of The Indian Breed
Wednesdays 7 pm - 8 pm
Mudhol Hound - now being officially introduced in the forces is a breed to reckon with. A talk on Indian breeds, the Indie and the emergence of the brand new desi market.

*Fridays are dedicated to DraftCraft's Travelling India-International Film Festival (TiiFF)

TiiFF INDIA: Are Women Coming Of Age In Indian Cinema?
Short Screening and Discussion on 'Lipstick Under My Burkha'. Is the depiction of women in the movie close to reality or an attempt to generalise. A talk.

TiiFF INTERNATIONAL: The Weinstein Effect
The accusations against Harvey Weinstein came first in a spurt and then as a shower. The accusers were all 'powerful' women who had faced the harrassment at some time or the other, underlining the 'weaker sex' proposition. How deeprooted is the casting couch phenomenon in India and abroad: Is the Dirty Picture for real?

CONTROVERSY: Films And Censorship
Padmaavat kicked up a storm across India and little has been written or argued about a movie like this: The international media even wrote about a fictitious 300 cuts that the Censors had insisted upon. The movie, when released, turned out to speak reams of Rajput pride and prestige and the very perpetrators of violence turned around the promote it. A talk on Censorship focussing on the Padmaavat issue.

*SOUL (School Of Understanding Life) sessions will be held every Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm to 10 pm. Call on 8080441593 for an invite to a free introductory session.

SOUL: Back To Roots

SOUL: India Positive