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A Trip To Colaba's Sassoon Docks: Mumbai's Jewish Connection (Heritage Walk)
Bustling Fish Port with History of Smuggling and Bollywood
EVERY DAY, 7 am - 9.30 am (at Sassoon Docks, Colaba, Mumbai) - CLOSED TILL 15 August 2018
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You could spend a beautiful MORNING, soaking in the rising sun and history of more than a century-old Sassoon Docks in the heart of Colaba!
This tour guarantee the curious travelers the perfect Dock experience at the 143-year-old iconic structure with a glimpse into the lives and cultures of Koli and Banjara communities inhabiting and working at the Docks. Cultures that have been fairly intact since the Docks were first built. Built in 1875 by a Baghdadi Jew named David Sassoon, Sassoon Docks is the oldest in the city. This iconic heritage site bustles with people and fishing activities everyday making it a photographer's delight. But there is much more to Sassoon Docks!

The Terror Trail: Colaba By Night (City Walk)

Underbelly of Crime: Shantaram, Gold Smugglers and Terror Attacks
EVERY DAY, 8 pm - 10.30 pm (at Colaba, South Mumbai)
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In November 2008, Mumbai witnessed its worst terror attack that shook the city and the world. The 26/11 attacks that began with the terrorists landing at 20:00 hours at a fishermen colony in Colaba and held Mumbai's prized district ransom for three days. The terrorists particularly targeted crowded places frequented by foreigners and tourists - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CST or VT), Leopold CafeTaj Mahal Palace HotelOberoi Trident and Nariman House also known as Chabad House - a Jewish outreach centre (located 50 metres from DraftCraft The Mumbai Studio). They were all high profile and located in and around Colaba. The Terror Trail will handhold you through the exact 'path' taken by the terrorists, providing a minute-by-minute account of their movements and activities - as they occurred on 26/11. The tour will conclude with a short film screening, snacks and beverage.

A Trip To Banganga: Mumbai's Own Varanasi (Heritage Walk)
To the 'Centre of the Earth' and Back!
EVERY SATURDAY, 8 am - 10.30 am (at Banganga, Walkeshwar, Mumbai)
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Banganga is an ancient water reservoir tucked away in Walkeshwar, Mumbai. A walk through the area is an adventure in itself as the maze of cobbled lanes and narrow paths lead, almost magically, to a set of giant steps and a serene green water tank. An early morning visit to Banganga, Mumbai's very own Varanasi, is probably the best time when one can experience the spiritual energy at its best. Locals, pundits and visitors can be seen offering prayers amidst the sound of chimes at surrounding temples. The lanes, walls, temples, old houses and the air of Banganga have a treasure of stories and as one moves among them, they come alive to tell their own stories. The tour includes visits to the bathing ghatsancient templesAghori samadhis, community settlements, a local Dhobi Ghat (open-air laundromat).

A Trip To Elephanta: UNESCO World Heritage Site (Heritage Walk)

Witness the Grandeur of Three-headed Shiva amidst Rock-cut Caves
EVERY SUNDAY, 12 pm - 5 pm (at Elephanta Island)
For details and registration, visit
A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a visit to the most interesting Elephanta Island, located 10 kms from mainland Mumbai. The island harbours the world-famous Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The caves have sculptures of Lord Shiva cut from solid rock. What many people don't know is that the island is home to three villages at its base with a rich cultural past. Archaeological evidence suggest human settlement as old as 2nd century BC! The Portuguese invaders named the island 'Elephanta' because of a large stone elephant they found at the base of the island. Locally known as Gharapuri or 'city of caves', Elephanta's ancient structures were destroyed by the Portuguese who used them for target practice. The labyrinth of cave temples with the carvings are some of the finest in India.

Colaba is an integral part of Mumbai's historic past and its strategic present. A major tourist attraction, Colaba is home to some of the most-visited sites in the world such as the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Regal Cinema, Cushrow Baug (Parsi Colony), Colaba Causeway, Sassoon Docks, Irani Cafes and more. Foreign and domestic tourists and residents of Mumbai's suburbs throng to Colaba for a slice of history, heritage, architecture, food, culture and shopping! The Causeway came into existence in 1838, Hotel Taj in 1903 and Gateway of India in 1924. However there is more to Colaba than what meets the eye.

The southernmost tip of Mumbai, Colaba was originally two islands inhabited by Kolis, the fishermen community. Later, it went on to be controlled by the Portuguese and then the British. Colaba is an urban agglomeration and home to some of the wealthiest people in the world. It also harbours strategically important locations for national security such as Indian Naval Docks. And, is home to Mumbai's infamous urban slums and settlements as well. Colaba is known for the underbelly of crime - the notorious Shantaram, Gold Smugglers of yore and the Terror Attacks in more recent times.

NOTE: Colaba Tours can be customised as per personal requirements for e.g. we could conduct a tour exclusively for a couple or a small group of friends or family on a desirable day/date.

Slum Watch: Colaba's Urban Slums (City Walk)
Time: EVERYDAY, 1 hour
Meeting Point: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio, Colaba (See Map)

Mumbai is synonymous with slums. And, it isn't just Dharavi that qualifies as a slum. South Mumbai's Colaba has the largest number of slums or wadis adjoining iconic structures. A few hundred metres from the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel lie three large slums in a zone popularly known as Colaba Wadi. They house a medley of communities ranging from Tamilians to Banjaras even Kashmiris and Gujaratis. If you are a traveller, a tourist, a photographer or just a curious soul interested in cultures and lifestyles, you just can't miss this one!

The Slum Watch tour is inclusive of Unlimited Chai!

Dhobi Ghat: Colaba's Open-air Laundromat (City Walk)
Time: EVERYDAY, 2 hours
Meeting Point: DraftCraft - The Mumbai Studio, Colaba (See Map)

Dhobi Ghat is a major landmark in Mumbai, located in Mahalaxmi area and plugged as the world's largest outdoor laundry. Not many are aware that Colaba has its own Dhobi Ghat that is decades old and home to one of the largest dhobi (washermen) communities in Mumbai. Colaba's Dhobi Ghat is used by hundreds of dhobis to wash clothes and linen from the best of hospitals and 5-star/7-star hotels. Thousands of clothes are washed and dried everyday in rows of open-air concrete wash pens where the dhobis could be seen swirling clothes, drying and coding in an immaculate manner, everyday. What many don't know that Dhobi Ghat also has a state-of-the-art industrial set up with a turnover running into crores.

DraftCraft's Dhobi Ghat tour will take you through Colaba's hidden marvel and experience the chaotic order of the dhobis' activities!

NOTE: If you are interested in visiting Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, we could arrange a tour exclusively for you.

DraftCraft International's carefully curated tours and walks offer a peek into Colaba's key aspects. Visit for information on other Events, Heritage Walks and Talks organised by DraftCraft.

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