Do you feel strongly about an issue?
Do you feel irate at the treatment meted out to the marginalised?
Do you empathise with the weak enough to spend sometime to advocate for their welfare?
Do you have the time and inclination to follow up with the authorities and address a wrong?
Do you feel disgusted with the state of affairs and want to make a difference?
Do you want to travel to the interiors and document cultures through photography and films?

There is something for everyone at DraftCraft!

Join in the DraftCraft Campaigns and work collectively towards educating people about their rights and empowering them to take up their own cause. You could pitch in with ideas, time, energy and whatever means available to further the cause. As a volunteer, you could:

1) Travel with Team DraftCraft across India and abroad on unique projects that make a difference.
2) Photograph with teams at exotic and unexplored locations and get an opportunity to have your work featured in regular exhibitions, road shows and DraftCraft studios all over.
3) Film with teams to make documentaries, shorts and experimental films for media and international film festivals.
4) Work with teams to generate media content by way of news articles, reports, research papers and e-publications for authorities and the media.
5) Participate in regular workshops and talks across India and abroad where target groups are briefed about their legal position and discuss myriad facets pertinent to the issue in question at public fora.
6) Initiate projects of your own through DraftCraft and ensure that deprived groups are fetched justice through strategic media-legal intervention.

DraftCraft is committed to a range of global issues as laid down by the United Nations Conventions; National campaigns spearheaded by the Indian government and her ministries; State governments and City-Centric programmes that further Social Justice through Law and Media.

DraftCraft Connect is a self-financed volunteer programme. Initiated by independent editor, legal counsel and film-maker Gajanan Khergamker and primarily funded by DraftCraft, DraftCraft Connect aims to pool together the collective resources of professionals and entrepreneurs from across industries and disciplines.

More often than not, just about everyone feels s/he can pool in some time, resources or expertise for an issue that bothers, but lacks the direction. DraftCraft Connect aims to further the spirit of volunteering among those who believe. The idea is to urge professionals and entrepreneurs to commit into putting in time and offering their expertise directly for the benefit of the marginalised. An unique way of doing this is through motivating professionals through workshops created for the purpose.

To volunteer with us or for queries, send an email with complete contact details and area(s) of interest at join@draftcraft.in OR call on 8080441593 and discuss the potential of joining in the campaign.